Trusted partner for select executives, investors and family offices


We have been operators, and owners or financiers, not just advisors.

We’ve trained sales teams, led business development efforts, put together partnerships, formulated comp plans, actively participated in off-sites, edited pitch decks, reviewed S-1s, recruited talent, introduced other investors and lenders, and served as a midnight sounding board for plenty of founders in connection with our investments.


Collectively, we are a team of experienced operators and thought partners having founded over a dozen companies and invested in over 100 others across various stages.

We have been involved in financings totaling AUM over $500M from seed rounds to Series C private fundings.


We are passionate about working with founders and capital allocators at key moments of inflection or decision-making in their endeavors by aligning to their interests and focusing on the highest value inputs. 

We only get involved if we like the people and the opportunity. 

Andrew Moss -- Our Founder

Meet Andrew, our founder.

Twenty years of business creation, operation, investment and law experience.

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